Please provide the cash or money order in an envelope, magazine or book and hand it to me as soon as we meet or slip it in my purse discreetly.


That way we are both at ease and can begin to enjoy each others company!


Absolutely! I do not believe in false promotion. They are recent to show you what I look like now, not yesterday or what I hope to attain.

My Silver Streak is Mine Alone!

If you aren’t timid, and you’re open to trying new things, fascinating things that can enrich your mind and body, then nuru massage is for you.

It is perfect for couples who have no inhibitions, or who are willing to let those things go which block them from achieving sexual fulfillment.

If you can begin to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, despite your body size, then, with the magical variations of this massage technique, you and your partner will reach levels of sexual satiation that are beyond sublime.

My Nuru Premium is definitely meant for only those who wish to expand their sexual horizons in ways that will leave them feeling more enlightened and uncensored than ever before.

This is an intimate step by step process that will bring a couple to the edge of that euphoric precipice; allowing each partner to emerge feeling more eroticism than they’ve ever experienced before.

I accept cash, wire transfers, direct deposit, and money orders/certified checks from recognized financial institutions.

Established friends will be provided with further options.

I have a phenomenal wardrobe and variety to fit any occasion. If there is something you request please let me know. You can be assured that I will be classy and never wear questionable attire.

If that doesn't work, Au Natural & my favorite heels is sure to please!

If you might be wondering where the term nuru came from, it is a Japanese word meaning “slippery.”

This gel happens to be one of the best lubricants for sensual and erotic massage, allowing for a couple to relish in one another’s touch as they both take turns rubbing the other, again with as much bodily contact as possible.

The techniques are meant to be creative in order to bring about the highest levels of arousal for both partners.

In fact, the massage itself opens that blocked intimate splendor that lies within each one of us. The techniques harmonize our bodies and join us together in ways that are more satiating and comforting, all spontaneously.

As stated, Nuru encourages a harmonious balance within the mind and the body, all the while providing that deep intimacy between the couple. It is soothing, offering lush hydration for the skin, and an exfoliation of the mind so that new ideas might emerge and passions can be freed. 

You will learn to never limit or hinder your passions in the slightest.  The key is to always pay attention to your partner’s responses while enjoying the nuru experience.